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Golden Door of Freedom can be Unlock by Education.

Earn Life Experience based Degrees from Hampden State University

Earn Accredited Life Experience Degree

Credit providing life experience degree programs have been a piece of the American advanced education framework since the 1970s. The credits were granted either on perception testing or on certifying corporate preparing. In its freshest incarnation, understudies can obtain credit based on individualized portfolio extends that reports learning in key scholastic territories. Documentation may include person authentications, letters from managers and individual expositions clarifying key course ideas. Once the portfolio is finished, it is assessed by a master and evaluated for credit scoring.

Credits for Life Experience or Work Experience Degree

Giving credits for life experience has grown learning effectively entire degree programs, as indicated by CAEL research. The research found out that adults who apply for credit through learning portfolios are more than twice. Furthermore these adults can acquire their degrees more rapidly than their companions, cutting down a normal of 10.1 months off their class time. United States permit adults to get life experience based credits to ensure growth of individuals in corporate world.

Why Life Experience or Work Experience Degree Program?

Over the years and specially in the age of tech, it is contended if the traditional style of learning is sufficient to ensure success at an individual level or corporate level. For instance it has been argued over the years by highly successful entrepreneurs that the best way to learn and master an art is by getting your hands dirty with the task. Life experience degree ensures individuals with exposure in their filed of expertise to remove a traditional hurdle in the path of their careers.

A Swedish Professor “Stamp D Mathew” said: “To accept the legitimacy of experiential learning is to expand the definition not only of college, but college credit.”

Accredited Life Experience Degree

An accredited life experience degree will represent your skills. It will help you get correct recognition around the world. You will be recognized as a qualified associated competent professional on getting associate accredited life experience degree and you will be valued by employers on getting an accredited life experience degree.

Over the years, several international degree granting institutes are established; however there are reports that the degrees that they supply are verified as pretend. Such institutes have a little or no credibility. Not solely the cash that the scholars paid to induce their accreditation life experience degree is all lost however precious time of the scholars is additionally wasted after they apply for accredited life experience degrees program that are not accredited and not recognized. Though the scholars don’t understand that their accredited life experience degree is pretend they will be fined by the U.S department of education and may be labeled as pretend on their resumes for holding a pretend degree.

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Hampden State University began because the south most representative of the “Log College” kind of teaching established by the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians in America, whose educational ideal was the University of Capital, seat of the Scottish Enlightenment.

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In United Sates of America we’ve got sensible variety of agencies in which the name Accrediting Commission of International College and Universities (ACICU) is highly recommended as it is specialized accreditation agency which is also associated with other organizations.

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