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There are 3.7 million unfilled occupations in America holding up for gifted specialists. With a degree from Hampden State University, you could help fill this crevice. Study online or at one of more than 100 yards the nation over and exploit a powerful help supportive network that incorporates a Graduation Team, versatile learning apparatuses and profession benefits that guide you from the begin of your top of the line — so you can tailor your degree project to your sought vocation.

Have trust in what you learn. Our curricula are adjusted to industry models, so you’re not simply considering hypothesis — you’re gaining aptitudes you can take straight to the work environment. What’s more when you’re prepared to search for work, you’ll have entry to the biggest graduated Class arranges in the nation and an occupations gateway selects to University understudies and graduated class.

In the event that you’ve been out of school for some time — or have never considered online — you don’t need to hit the ground running. We offer a three-week Orientation Workshops and experience based degree programs to help you get to know our apparatuses before you move to professional world, and it’s accessible at no expense to you.

Online Portfolio Based Degree Programs:

Professionals seeking after life experience credit through the portfolio process must enlist in Hampden State University preceding submitting portfolios.

Hampden State University considers three elective credits to most online four year certification program and acquaints professionals with learning hypotheses with an attention on the rationality and history of experiential learning.

As a University, we admire that grown-ups who re-enter advanced education regularly bring profitable taking in and encounters from numerous distinctive callings and strolls of life. Through the portfolio course professionals will create an experiential learning portfolio to be utilized as a method for evaluation in this course and also giving an establishment to portfolio advancement.

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Here are the Online Degree Programs which Hampden State University Offer: