Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why choose Hampden State University?

Answer: Our focus on giving top quality online learning has helped us devise a mission that discussions about our eager obligation towards allowing guideline:

“To make quality direction accessible to everyone by seeing each individual’s inconsistencies and changing them into their qualities, by providing for plan toward oneself, impulse and radiance in learning.”

2) Is Hampden State University Degree Program is Affordable for me?

Answer: We can without much of a stretch claim that no other online school is as pocket-pleasing and understudy decided as we appear to be. We have illustrated our charge structure in a way that anyone from any monetary establishment can without much of a stretch look for after their preparation. We moreover offer different understudy organizations and benefits like stipends, credit trade office, and charge portion plan B, etc….

3) What is the due date for enrollment application form submission at Hampden State University?

Answer: There is no Deadline for submission of Enrollment application form of any degree program. But if you are facing any problem on submitting the enrollment application form then please contact Live Chat Representative or email us through contact us form.

4) Can I see degree documents sample?

Answer: Due to scammer issues we just give specimens to enrolled students.

5) How I can submit my Application and get enrolled?

Answer: Enrollment can be finished by Submitting Application form of your desired program. Degree Program can be selected by Apply Now Page.

6) Is Hampden State University Accredited?

Answer: Hampden State University is happy to distribute that we have gotten full accreditation from The Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities. For further detail you can check our Accreditation Page.

7) Is there any due date for Degree Approval which we get from Evaluation Committee?

Answer: Yes, after getting Approval result on enrollment application form. Evaluation Committee ask admission department to see applicants behavior and if he/she do not contact you within couple of days then send the applicant an approval validation notice and after 7=8 working days deactivate the application.

8) What is Apostille Certificate & its Importance?

Answer: Under the Hague Convention, signatory nations have consented to perceive open archives issued by other signatory nations if those open reports are verified by the connection of an universally perceived type of validation known as an “Apostille.” The Apostille guarantees that open records issued in one signatory nation will be perceived as legitimate in an alternate signatory nation.

9) Do you give Legalization?

Answer: Yes! We do provide Legalization Services with Apostille Certificate from U.S State Council. Kindly contact admission@hampdenstateuniversity.com for further points of interest.

10) When I pay the fee then how much time it will take to get my degree?

Answer: After Payment Confirmation of Degree Fee from Financial Department. Hampden State University Staff will start the process in which Printing, Quality Check, Making of Package for Courier service is included. In last Courier service will deliver the package at applicant provided address. This whole procedure till delivery will take approximately 7-8 working days.

11) What if my employer or organizations require degree verification?

Answer: We give complete verification through these mediums:

  1. via Phone
  2. via Email
  3. via Fax

12) Quality of Degree Documents?

Answer: Your degree will be professionally delivered and printed on fine quality 74lb material paper spread stock and bear the embellished color seal of Hampden State University. It is a full size 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

13) When would I be able to contact call support representative?

Answer: Our Call Support agent will be accessible from 10:00 Am to 12:00 Pm (EST). Yet our email and chat is accessible every minute of every day.

14) How I can qualify for multiple degree programs?

Answer: Brilliant Applicant may meet all prerequisites for two or more degrees. This could be a Bachelor/Master or Bachelor/Master/Doctorate. In case you wish to look for numerous degrees you may pick that option on your application. In distinctive degree packages each additional degree is offered at a half refund as sponsorship from Hampden State University.