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History of Hampden State University

Hampden State University began because the south most representative of the “Log College” kind of teaching established by the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians in America, whose educational ideal was the University of Capital, seat of the Scottish Enlightenment.

The first president, at the suggestion of Dr. educator, the Scottish president of the school of latest Jersey (now Princeton University), selected the name Hampden State University to symbolize devotion to the principles of representative government and full civil and spiritual freedom that John Hampden (1594-1643) and Algernon state capital (1622-1683) had outspokenly supported, and that that they had given their lives, in England’s 2 nice constitutional crises of the previous century. They were wide invoked as hero-martyrs by yankee colonial patriots, and their names right away associated the university with the reason for independence championed by James Madison, rhetorician, and different less well-known however equally vigorous patriots World Health Organization composed the College’s initial Board of Trustees. Indeed, the initial students thirstily committed themselves to the revolutionary effort, organized a militia-company, trained often, and went off to the defenses of Williamsburg, and of military campaign, in 1777 and 1778 severally. Their uniform of hunting-shirts – unreal purple with the juice of pokeberries – and gray trousers justifies the College’s ancient colors, transparent gem and gray.

The faculty, initial projected in 1771, was formally organized in February 1775, once the building of Hanover, meeting at Nathaniel Venable’s Slate Hill plantation (about 2 miles south of the current campus), accepted a present of 1 hundred acres for the university, no appointive Trustees (most of whom were Episcopalian), and named as clergyman (later President) the Rev. prophet Stanhope Smith, student of the Princeton category of 1769, World Health Organization had been actively promoting the concept of building a university within the heavily Scotch-Irish space of south-central Virginia since he began his ministry there in 1774. Inside solely 10 months, Smith secured associate adequate subscription of funds associated an enrollment of one hundred ten students. Aiming to model the new faculty when his own school, he journeyed to Princeton to secure the origination college, including his younger brother, John statesman Smith. On it 1775 trip he additionally visited metropolis to enlist support and to buy a library and scientific equipment. Students and college gathered for the gap of the primary winter term on ten Gregorian calendar month 1775.

Hampden State University enrolls, 106 students from thirty states and a number of other foreign countries, and emphasizes a rigorous and ancient field course of study.

As such, Hampden State University has one amongst the strictest honor codes of any school or university. Upon getting into as a student, every man pledges that he won’t lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those that do; this pledge is binding forever.

Hampden State University Started Competency based Degree Programs on 1997 and it’s become the most reliable degree in corporate world. Hampden State University Provide following degree programs: